Amazing aerial acrobatics shows for your event

What can you be looking forward to?

Dancers in the air will bring to your event mystical atmosphere. Fine movements of the acrobat, who is playing with gravity and balances in elegant positions. The dynamics of air dancing is enhanced by the slow turning of equipment, and at the same time the performance is well visible from every angle in which the viewer will be enjoying it!

Solo aerial hoop

Solo aerial dancer on hanging hoop brings your guests into a period of 20 years, when circus dancers wore beautiful corsets and stylish makeup. Music and dance express the message of a brave and confident woman who is underlined by the contrast of fine dancing and dynamic force aspects of acrobatics. Performer plays with gravity and balances in elegant positions. 

Fire aerial hoop

The only show in Slovakia on a fiery aerial circle! Performer dynamically and gracefully alternates individual acrobatic poses and creates beautiful dance combinations. Dramatic atmosphere complements the costume with black feathers and mysterious mystical music. Dance is enhanced with real fire on the sides of the hoop and gives the spectator an unusual experience.

Lollipop hoop

Aerial acrobatics is a very popular element in the program on all events. Often, however, there is no hanging point at the event venue. Just for that, we offer you a unique variation of the aerial hoop on the poledance stage. Now you can please your guests with an acrobatic experience in every room, it is enough to have a ceiling height of at least 3.5 meters!

Technical requirements

Aerial acrobatics requires a suspension point with a carrying capacity of at least 150 kg. Height hanging points must be at least 4 meters above the floor. Space around suspension points must be at least 2 meters on each side.