About animation

If you do not have the option to include a specific performance in your program, but you still feel it is missing something, we are here for you.
Our artists dressed in costumes will entertain your guests, engage in interesting interactions, or stand as original live sculptures.

Offer of animations

Our group of artists will prepare animations for you according to your requirements. Fire-creatures can create a thrilling atmosphere, ethereal dancers, on the contrary, entertain guests with their fragility and beauty. The gorgeous circus costumes will bring tension, fun and laughter to your action.

For example, for your event you can choose:


Firespitting, movement, dance with fire tools, smoke, pyrotechnics, extra costumes and make-up. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, for private parties and corporate events etc

Ethereal dancers

Extra costumes and makeup. Combination of LEDs and UV Effects. Suitable indoor and outdoor spaces, private parties, corporate events and smaller festivals.


Circus-tuned costumes and make-up, playful atmosphere, elements of the new circus, interaction with guests.

Technical requirements

To meet our visual and safety standards, we need:

  • Cushion for dressing and makeup
  • Grounds designed to prepare and store our equipment before the start, for the best covered indoor entrance.